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About CAEP

We help Improve Labor Relations


One major benefit to our members is our well-recognized comprehensive experience in all phases of labor relations.


CAEP represents its members in collective bargaining negotiations and provides significant assistance in interpretations of agreements. Assistance in resolving disputes and arbitrations is also available, as are Job recovery programs to help the union contractors become more competitive in today’s marketplace.


We Provide Liaison with Owners and Government


Whether our members firms deal with PENNDOT, the City of Philadelphia, SEPTA, or commissions and authorities, such as the PA Turnpike Commission or the Delaware River Port Authority, CAEP can provide beneficial liaison services.


CAEP is also prepared to offer assistance with city, state and federal regulations involving minority business participation.


In its role as advocate for the construction industry, CAEP actively supports beneficial legislation and keeps members informed about pending legislative issues at all levels of government.


We Help Improve Working Conditions


Mindful of the importance of workplace safety, CAEP maintains liaison with OSHA and sponsors certified seminars in a variety of safety concerns ranging from Work Zone Safety and OSHA 10 Hour Outreach for Highway and Road Builders to OSHA Standards and OSHA Recordkeeping requirements. Also, CAEP strives to keep its members updated on all new safety regulations promulgated by OSHA.


CAEP also offers educational courses and supervisory training programs with tuition reimbursement for superintendents, foremen, and junior management for active members through local colleges and universities.


Our Young Executives Council similarly encourages career advancement for young executives of Active Member firms by providing a forum of dialog, networking and education.


We Foster Strong Industry Relations


Membership in CAEP automatically carries with it enrollment in the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the largest organization of general contractors in the nation. Highway contractors are also offered enrollment in Associated Pennsylvania Constructors (APC). Automatic enrollment in AGC offers a number of benefits to members of CAEP, among which are access to special videos and publications at discount costs, access to pertinent federal, legislative, and industry bulletins, access to federal legislators and information on industry trends. Of special value to AGC members is the Constructors Information Network, which permits members to receive on-line all AGC and CAEP bulletins. Also available through the Constructors Information Network are: up-to-date Davis-Bacon wage rates for all regions of the country, chapter and contractor profiles, and a substantial discount on Commerce Business Daily.


We Make a Difference in Eastern Pennsylvania


The CAEP is good for its members, good for the industry, and good for the region. Our members are regarded as efficient, responsible contractors by business leaders, by labor, by management, and by government and its agencies. As a result, the eastern Pennsylvania area has earned an outstanding reputation which helps attracts new construction opportunities.

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